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        When not writing, teaching, or astral traveling, Amy Benesch can be found relaxing in her pied a lune, sipping a glass of… is that stuff still illegal on Earth? 

            She writes stories and novels of science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, and the ever-popular-with-editors “defies categorization.”  Her stories have been published in Aboriginal Science Fiction, Space & Time, Tales of the Unanticipated, and other nefarious venues.



News Flash!

Amy’s short story, Willow, is included in Morpheus Tales “The Ethereal Tales” special Issue, edited by Teresa Ford.

You can download a copy of the magazine here in multiple ebook formats:  

The magazine is also available in two printed editions via

The magazine will also be available through Amazon for Kindle very soon.

Amy's novel, Remember Me to Paradise, is now available from and Wolfsinger Publications. It is also available at Forbidden Planet at 840 Broadway, NY, NY and Traprock Suite at 130 Brook St., Scarsdale, NY.

Amy's story is now available in the anthology "Into the Dreamlands" edited by Jason Andrew and Michael Dyer. Available at

Check out Amy's story, The Crone's Tale, now archived in the Jan.-Mar.'07 issue of the online magazine Lorelei Signal.


The Stories.....

Abducted by Aliens

       Bruce Fisher knew his parents meant well. He just wished they’d leave him alone. I mean, OK, he did keep them awake at nights screaming that he was being kidnapped by aliens; he could understand how that was annoying, interrupting their sleep pattern. But why couldn’t they just sound-proof his room or something? Why were they subjecting him to this humiliating torture? Hadn’t they sated their sadistic urges when they named him Bruce?  Read More....


Operation Mirror

     The cab stopped in front of an unprepossessing brownstone. I had expected a gleaming high-tech monstrosity, but the name on the buzzer confirmed that I had come to the right place: The Institute for Psychoanalytic and Robotic Studies. I took a deep breath, buzzed, and entered.
     "Mrs. Mandel?" the receptionist asked eagerly. Too eagerly, I thought. I nodded.
     "Please have a seat. I'll tell Dr. Estes you're here."
     I sat down on the floral-patterned couch, closed my eyes, and tried to remember what I had said to Dr. Estes, David, at three in the morning.  
Read More....





Kali High

      I know, I know. Why did I do it? Right? That’s what everyone wants to know. First of all it wasn’t my idea to come to Kali High. I would have been perfectly happy to stay in public school. Well, OK, not perfectly happy. The only thing that would have made me perfectly happy is dropping out of school altogether, but, in my family, that wasn’t an option. My mother felt since I wasn’t doing well in public school we should take advantage of all the private schools that were cropping up in the wake of the school voucher program. She brought home brochures from about a hundred different schools and dumped them on my unmade bed. Read More...


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