Amy Benesch writing at desk

Amy Benesch writing at desk

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ISBN-10: 1625309708 
ISBN-13: 978-1625309709 
Publisher: Hunt Press (April 2014) 

Allison Chaney is a successful thirty-something accountant in mid-town Manhattan, with a stable, if not terribly exciting life. The kind of life that no one writes home about. Until the night she discovers the Crescent Moon Café, where the theme changes depending on what night of the week it is, and the poetry open-mike night is bring-your-own-garbage. But the simple act of going to a new strange cafe has an even more bizarre effect on her than bringing out her inner poet. Because with the poetry comes the memory of a time in her childhood when she'd had a not-entirely-imaginary playmate and the ability to see and hear across time. On the heels of this new adventure and awakening, Allison inherits a turn-of the-century mansion on the Hudson River. As she tries to deal with the house and its eccentric former owner, the mystery only deepens. Can she find out why her great-uncle vanished in that house? Can she come to grips with her re-awakened gift? Can she navigate it all and find her way home?

— Review —

Just finished this book. Fabulous! It is so beautifully written, the characters are excellently delineated, and the plot develops smoothly. The main character, Allison, has adventures that are so interesting with ethereal beings and she also participates in her real life on earth.
Highly recommended. Don't miss this pearl! I loved it!

Long Journey Home is available from as a paperback or a Kindle edition.


ISBN: 9781452468174
Publisher: WolfSinger Publications (May 2011)

A Shapeshifter from a planet known as Paradise, comes to Earth on a mission to rescue other Shapeshifters who may have become trapped in Earth shapes and are unable to return to their home planet. During his time on Earth the Shapeshifter becomes a dog, a duck, a pigeon, a human male, and a human female. It is as a human female that the Shapeshifter begins to forget his true identity. Although her dreams terrify her (she can’t understand why she dreams of flying and of making love to women), she keeps working to put the pieces of the puzzle together and recover her memory, although with each passing day she becomes more identified with her current shape and less likely to believe the truth of who she really is.

— Review —

This is a wonderful and haunting story about a particular type of life form from the far reaches of the galaxy, known as a "shapeshifter," who has the ability to transform into any type of being. After coming to earth on a mission to contact others of his kind who somehow forgot who they were, he initially and sensitively explores the realm of animal kingdom. Finally, he becomes a human being, first a male and then a female, only, like the others, to forget what the mission was, getting caught up in the machinations and ramblings of the human mind.

For me, this novel is meant to be taken as an allegory about humankind's own forgetfulness of who we really are. At most times, it seems, we deny our own greatness and place in the universe. This tale is a reminder that we are so much more than the chatter going on in our own heads. The author has written a story that is a brilliant and tender analysis of how things seem to be from the point of view of various creatures. In so doing, the writer leaves the reader with an empty feeling and longing that may be the result of a mixture of the futility of it all, stirred in with the realization of our own power. The story issues a wake up call and a demand for a loving and peaceful world.

Remember Me to Paradise is available from as a paperback or a Kindle edition, and in a range of ebook formats available through Smashwords. View publisher's online catalog with additional information for book.